Laabs family grandmother - 78.125% Irish; 2.344% Swiss; 0.781% German; 18.75% TBD
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On this day
Martin Stephen LohrstorferJuly 30, 197843Death
Lina CounselmanJuly 30, 195071Death
William WeilenbeckJuly 30, 1869152Birth
Anthony ChapotonJuly 30, 1847174Death
Talitha Minearcalculated July 30, 1842179Birth
Sarah PryorJuly 30, 1813208Birth
Harris Edward Overly + Florence Ethel KellerJuly 30, 1896125Marriage
Anthony Chapoton + Angelica MooreJuly 30, 1810211Marriage
Upcoming events
Martha E. CacklerJuly 31, 197447Death
Selena Julia MaloshJuly 31, 194279Death
Ralph Eugene DiltsJuly 31, 1921100Birth
Augusta Bell WilsonJuly 31, 1902119Birth
Joseph Thomas HeilerJuly 31, 1827194Birth
Matheus KoenigJuly 31, 1810211Death
Johanna Jakoben MentzerJuly 31, 1760261Death
Karen ShelbyAugust 199724Death
Vincent Emil VanMarterAugust 199427Death
Erma ChapmanAugust 198338Death
Chancey Leroy ShasteenAugust 198140Death
Kathleen Grace ComstockAugust 198041Death
Meta August 197150Death
Winfred Arthur Burdickabout August 196160Death
Mary DiltsAugust 192398Death
Agnes Cleone Shasteenabout August 1918103Death
Anna Berneice VanMarterAugust 1916105Death
Lydia Ellen CacklerAugust 1893128Birth
Eva ShasteenAugust 1889132Birth
Cora Fry ShasteenAugust 1885136Birth
Levi M. BeaverAugust 1882139Birth
Edgar EasleyAugust 1880141Death
Harry ShoupAugust 1872149Birth
Blanche ShoupAugust 1866155Birth
Alvin JonesAugust 1863158Birth
Louise Victoria “Loni” HoughAugust 1862159Birth
Lavetta A.August 1861160Birth
John Presley jrAugust 1861160Death
John F. HendricksAugust 1855166Birth
Emil J. FechtAugust 1853168Birth
Mary C. Cannonabout August 1843178Birth
Edmund RingAugust 1826195Birth
Sarah S. DrakeAugust 1815206Birth
Nicholas Joseph CampeauAugust 1764257Death
Mary Jane CampeauAugust 1755266Death
John VanMarterAugust 1753268Birth
Johann Nicholas SimonAugust 1739282Death
Jannetje Dorlandtbefore August 1738283Death
Anna Catherina SimonAugust 1725296Birth
Engletje PietersenAugust 1714307Death
Johann Matthaus SimonAugust 1680341Birth
Eva StraussAugust 1661360Death
Dale L. SchasteenAugust 1, 200120Death
John Schasteenbefore August 1, 200120Death
Ray Schasteenbefore August 1, 200120Death
Bart Schasteenbefore August 1, 200120Death
Melvin Schasteenafter August 1, 200120Death
Guy Schasteenafter August 1, 200120Death
Betty Jean ShasteenAugust 1, 197150Death
Edwin George LaabsAugust 1, 1899122Birth
James Madison ShasteenAugust 1, 1898123Death
Maria StahlAugust 1, 1887134Death
Frank J. SteffelAugust 1, 1874147Birth
Marion G. ShasteenAugust 1, 1872149Birth
Margaret C. ShasteenAugust 1, 1862159Birth
Charles DiehlAugust 1, 1817204Death
Blaise JuilletAugust 1, 1748273Death
Franklin C. ShasteenAugust 2, 200615Death
Harriette Mildred FitzpatrickAugust 2, 199625Death
Dale M. DickAugust 2, 199526Death
Joseph Jacob GehringAugust 2, 194873Death
Thomas ButlerAugust 2, 1881140Birth
George Presley jrAugust 2, 1836185Birth
John AndersonAugust 2, 1774247Death
Elizabeth SimonAugust 2, 1767254Birth
George WilliamsAugust 3, 1905116Birth
Dewey MearsAugust 3, 1902119Birth
Ruby Viola FrossAugust 3, 1901120Birth
Nettie Leota ChasteenAugust 3, 1895126Birth
Solomon Isaiah WhittenAugust 3, 1871150Death
Emily ShasteenAugust 3, 1847174Birth
Catherine Margaret Hartle GrantAugust 3, 1830191Birth
August Ludwig Viktor Erasmus SprengerAugust 3, 1749272Birth
Zacchaeus PackardAugust 3, 1723298Death
Warren EasleyAugust 4, 199526Death
Betty Jean ShasteenAugust 4, 197150Burial
Alvira Ann VanMarterAugust 4, 195071Death
Mary ShoupAugust 4, 192992Death
Amy Louise Waybright MayerAugust 4, 1903118Birth
Charles BiehlerAugust 4, 1880141Birth
Elizabeth WeyneyerAugust 4, 1812209Birth
Cornelia VanMaterAugust 4, 1782239Death
Etinenne FortierAugust 4, 1724297Death
Johannes Michale Ritter + Maria Veronica HeilerAugust 4, 1761260Marriage
Gail (Gailen) Edison ShasteenAugust 5, 198635Death
Dorothy Ann EagenAugust 5, 1921100Birth
George Donald ShasteenAugust 5, 1910111Birth
Catherine LoneyAugust 5, 1909112Death
Elizabeth JamesAugust 5, 1885136Birth
Martha A. MytonAugust 5, 1879142Death
Mary Jane GallingerAugust 5, 1858163Birth
George Washington PriceAugust 5, 1855166Birth
Eliza M. KingAugust 5, 1813208Birth
Louis LaForge + Celina MontmenieAugust 5, 1882139Marriage
Alice M. August 6, 20165Death
Joseph Earl EagenAugust 6, 194774Death
Donald ClementAugust 6, 1916105Death
James Riley MoweryAugust 6, 1915106Death
Betty Belle SweetAugust 6, 1912109Birth
Bessie Irene ShasteenAugust 6, 1887134Birth
Francis Borgia LaForgeAugust 6, 1877144Death
Antoine EmeryAugust 6, 1643378Birth
Johann Peter Simon + Maria Agnes MeyerAugust 6, 1676345Marriage
Martin Rudolph + Anna Ursula LeffertAugust 6, 1676345Marriage
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