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Anna Josephine LaForgeAge: 84 years18881973

Anna Josephine LaForge
Given names
Anna Josephine
Birth March 7, 1888 34 37
Birth of a sisterEugenia M. LaForge
March 1891 (Age 2 years)
Birth of a brotherGeorge Robert LaForge
May 8, 1893 (Age 5 years)
Birth of a sisterIlah Susan LaForge
April 26, 1897 (Age 9 years)
Death of a paternal grandfatherLouis Joseph LaForge
November 24, 1907 (Age 19 years)

Birth of a son
Lawrence Bernard VanMarter
October 25, 1909 (Age 21 years)
Death of a sonLawrence Bernard VanMarter
August 21, 1910 (Age 22 years)
Birth of a daughter
Dorothy Hermione VanMarter
November 24, 1910 (Age 22 years)
Birth of a daughter
Eileen Helen VanMarter
December 28, 1913 (Age 25 years)
Death of a paternal grandmotherEllen Chapoton
April 25, 1915 (Age 27 years)

Birth of a son
Lauren Thomas VanMarter
May 4, 1916 (Age 28 years)
Death of a sonLauren Thomas VanMarter
March 1917 (Age 28 years)
Birth of a son
Vincent Emil VanMarter
September 22, 1917 (Age 29 years)
Birth of a daughter
Rita Marie VanMarter
January 19, 1919 (Age 30 years)
Birth of a daughter
Gloria Jean VanMarter
February 26, 1922 (Age 33 years)
Death of a fatherFrancois S. LaForge
February 2, 1929 (Age 40 years)
Death of a motherHermine Martin
February 6, 1929 (Age 40 years)
Birth of a daughter
Joan Therese “Jo” VanMarter
February 7, 1929 (Age 40 years)
Death of a daughterDorothy Hermione VanMarter
April 23, 1934 (Age 46 years)
Cause: Heart Attack
Death of a husbandOrval Leo VanMarter
December 31, 1944 (Age 56 years)
Death of a brotherEdward Louis LaForge
February 5, 1949 (Age 60 years)
Marriage of a childVincent Emil VanMarterRuth K. BertrandView this family
October 20, 1953 (Age 65 years)

Death of a brotherGeorge Robert LaForge
January 22, 1960 (Age 71 years)
Death of a sisterIlah Susan LaForge
March 1, 1963 (Age 74 years)
Death January 7, 1973 (Age 84 years)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: October 15, 1883Tilbury, ON
4 years
-3 years
elder sister
19 months
elder brother
5 years
younger sister
2 years
younger brother
4 years
younger sister
Family with Orval Leo VanMarter - View this family
-18 years
-13 months
7 years
17 months
4 years
-8 years
5 years


Immigrated to the USA in 1888.

1910 census, Flint, MI: Broadway Street Orval Van Marter, 25, head, married 1 year, born in MI, parents born in MI, moulder at a foundry. Anna Van Marter, 22, wife, married 1 year, born in English Canada, father born in English Canada, mother born in French Canada. Immigrated to USA in 1889, no occupation. Lawrence Van Marter, son, 6 mos., born in MI. Next Door: Marshall Cloar, 43, Head, married 12 years, born in English Canada, parents born in English Canada, moulder at a foundry. Mary Cloar, 48, wife, married 12 years, 7 children, born in Michigan, father born in Ireland, mother born in English Canada, no occupation. Ruth Van Marter, 18, step-daughter, single, born in MI, Father born in PA, mother born in MI, no occupation.

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Note: The file name says Van Marter, but these are LaForge girls.
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Note: From "Images of America: Detroit's Corktown," A. Delicato & J. Demery, Arcadia Publishing, Chica…
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