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James ShasteenAge: 72 years18151887

James Shasteen
Given names
Birth March 2, 1815 25 20
Birth of a son
Henry Snider
1834 (Age 18 years)
MarriageMary Ann StichlerView this family
1838 (Age 22 years)

Birth of a son
George Stickler
1838 (Age 22 years)
Birth of a son
William L. Shasteen
1842 (Age 26 years)
Birth of a son
Peter Shasteen
1842 (Age 26 years)
Birth of a son
Emanuel Shasteen
1845 (Age 29 years)
Birth of a son
James Ashley Shasteen Jr.
August 7, 1847 (Age 32 years)
Birth of a daughter
Mary Ann Shasteen
1850 (Age 34 years)
Birth of a son
Harvey Allen (Albert or Alvin?) Shasteen
1852 (Age 36 years)
Birth of a daughter
Phoebe Harriet Shasteen
January 11, 1853 (Age 37 years)
Birth of a son
Franklin (C. A. per father’s will) Shasteen
July 8, 1857 (Age 42 years)
Death of a sonPeter Shasteen
September 27, 1863 (Age 48 years)
Death of a sonEmanuel Shasteen
June 12, 1864 (Age 49 years)
Marriage of a childIsaac N. StoutMary Ann ShasteenView this family
December 29, 1866 (Age 51 years)
Marriage of a childJames Ashley Shasteen Jr.Barbara Rosanna WeisnerView this family
February 23, 1868 (Age 52 years)

Death of a sonWilliam L. Shasteen
March 22, 1868 (Age 53 years)

Death of a sonGeorge Stickler
after 1870 (Age 54 years)

Marriage of a childHarvey Allen (Albert or Alvin?) ShasteenSidney Jane BatesView this family
January 14, 1872 (Age 56 years)

Marriage of a childJohn E. MinselPhoebe Harriet ShasteenView this family
July 14, 1872 (Age 57 years)
Marriage of a childFranklin (C. A. per father’s will) ShasteenCatherine BockelmanView this family
February 15, 1886 (Age 70 years)
Death December 29, 1887 (Age 72 years)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: April 4, 1813Gallia Co., OH
9 months
elder brother
1 year
elder brother
1 year
elder sister
2 years
Family with Mary Ann Stichler - View this family
Marriage: 1838
5 years
1 year
4 years
3 years
3 years
3 years
1 year
5 years
-23 years
5 years


Notes for: James Shasteen b 2 Mar 1815

ASSUMED James b 1815 is son of John Shasteen b 1774-1794 m Hannah Whitten based on Rittenger statement - Set up this way in my PAF, pending verification - Based the census records William would not have been the father due to his age of James

JAMES CHASTAIN - [Source: The Chestnut Tree, Vol. I, #2, p. 9] - Minute Book of the East Fork Baptist Church, Henry County, Ohio "James Chastain, received by experience 15 Sep 1827."

Marriage Information:

Census Information: 1820 and 1830 census? Stopped in Gallia? With other brothers? John was in War of 1812 out of Gallia 1840 census, Town of Independence Richland Twp. Henry Co OH James Shasteen assumed male head of household - compared to the 1850 census for missing family. males 2 < 5 (b abt 1835-1840) (missing 10-15), 1 5-10 (b abt 1830-1835) (missing 15-20), 1 10-15 (Jackson below?), 1 15-20 (b 1820-1825 prob on own), 1 20-30 (James), females 2 10-15 (b 1825-30 sisters probably married off), 1 30-40 (wife mary Ann b 1815?), 1 40-50 (James mother FRANCES? b 1790-1800) 1850 census Napoleon, Henry Co., OH James Shasteen 35 lawyer b VA, Mary Ann 35 b Germ, Henry Snider 16 b PA Farmer, George Zeigler 11 b OH, William L 9 b OH, Peter 7 b OH, Emanuel 5 b OH, James Jr., 3 b OH , Mary A. 4/12 b OH, listed at the end as if not direct family, Jackson 23 a lawyer b OH abt 1827 SON OF EDMUND B 1787 - 1860 census Napoleon, Henry Co., OH James SHARTEM 45, Mary A 44, William 19, Peter 16, Emanuel 14, James 12, Mary A 10, Marvey A 8, Phoebe 6, Franklin 3, Geo Seigler 22 OH 1870 census Napoleon, Henry Co - J Chasten (written Chasteen) 55, Mary Chasten 54, Harvey 18, Phebe 16, Franklin 12, Jane Hudson 19, Geo Stickler 32 (Seigler) 1880 census Napoleon, Henry Co., OH - believe same Henry Snyder b PA farmer 47 b abt 1833, Christina 41 b OH f/m Prussia, James 21, Caroline 17, William 13, Valentine 11, Ada 8, Albert 6, Lillie 4 1900 census Napoleon, Henry Co., OH - believe same Henry Snyder new wife? b Jan 1833 PA f/m Germany, Isabella 64 b Mar 1836 married 19 yrs 8/3 children b PA f/m PA 1910 census Napoleon, Henry Co., OH - believe same Henry Snyder 77 b PA f/m Germ marriage 2 for 21 yrs Isabell 74 mar 2 12 yrs 5 or 8/3 children b PA f/m PA 1920 census Napoleon, Henry Co., OH - believe same Henry Snyder 86 b PA f/m PA/Germ living with Caroline Yabrend dau 57 and family 1860 1870 census, no one found variety of spellings. Had to be around as returned in 1880 or were overlooked in 1860 and 1870 1880 Napoleon, Henry Co OH census James 65 b VA fat VA mot Eng, Mary 65 b Bavaria as were fat/moth, Franklin Shasteen 22 and Mary Snyder granddaughter 24 James was a lawyer that lived in Henry County, Napoleon Township, in 1850 per census

Burial information: None

Other information: Franklin Shasteen records indicate that he is descended from this James Shasteen. Copied by him from: “Historical Atlas of the World, Illustrated” Title Page - Constructed by A. Keith Johnston F.R.G.S. Prof. H.D. Rogers of Boston, Edw. Weller F.R.G.S. and Other Eminent Geographers. Compiled and Editied by Charles H. Jones Assisted by Theodore F. Hamilton. H.H. Hardesty & Co. Publishers, Lakeside Building Chicago 1875. "James Shasteen - son of James and Frances Shasteen, was born in Virginia in 1815. He was married in Ohio in 1838 to Mary A., daughter of Henry and Mary Stichler, of Germany where she was born in 1815. The children of this couple are: James, Mary A., Harvey A., Phoebe, and Franklin. Mr Shasteen settled in Henry County in 1826. He has filled the offices of Jostice of the Peace and assessor. His three sons belonged to the Union Army. Peter to the 14th Regiment O.V.I.; was wounded at Chickamauga, and died from the effects in 1863. Emanuel belonged to the 9th Regiment, A.C., and also died in the army. James belonged to the 184th Regiment, O.V.I. He survived the war. James Shasteen, post office, Napoleon. Business, farmer. Residence, napoleon Township, section 10.” -- This quote would lead one to believe that his father is James Shasteen (b 1774-1794 d 1828/1830 Ross County, OH) who married Martha, who would have to be a Frances Martha or Martha Frances, or a second wife for this scenario to work. [From The Maumee Valley Chronicle (a list of early settlers) - “These people settled in what is now HIGHLAND TWP., DEFIANCE CO.: 1826 James and Frances SHASTEEN and James Jr., Napoleon Twp.”] (Napoleon Township is now Henry County and does not even connect to Highland Twp in current Defiance Co. Defiance Co was formed from Henry, Paulding and Williams County between 1840 and 1850 census.) For the time being, I would make the assumption that Franklin's information is correct but merely needs to be further corroborated.

Civil War Record Henry Co Gen Soc - b Rockridge OH Mar 2 1815 d 29 Dec 1887 Napoleon, OH b U.B.Gilson , Napoleon in Civil War enlisted Jan 17 1865 disc Sep20 1865 Co B 184th OVI (This is probably his son, not him, no indication of Civil War in his OBIT, but did have three sons in per county history above.)

Henry Co Gen Soc OBIT - b 2 Mar 1815 in Rockridge, OH (suspect this is Rockbridge OH city or Rockbridge Co., VA) died 28 Dec 1897 in Napoleon, came to Richland township, now in Defiance county, and settled near the hamlet of Independence in the year 1826” “purchased from the State the east half of the south east quarter of section 10 Napoleon township…” (no record yet found, have copy of obit.)

Per Gen Soc. As it turns out, James Shasteen settled in Pleasant Township between 1837 and 1844. He was the first Justice of the Peace in that township.

Comment - Who is the father of this James? From Henry County, would lead one to believe it would be William or John Rittenger, John. And conflicts with Franklin Shasteen stmt. Not Robert as he has son b 1807. James already has a son James. Edmund has a James Madison. Elizabeth and Frances issue would not carry the Shasteen name (unless spouses). Rosanna Shasteen has a son Andrew Shasteen b 1829 and that line appears to be “documented” as her only having the one child. Could be William, he had a male 15-20 (b 1810-1815) in the 1830 census and he lived in Henry County and James b 1815 first known son is William L. Or John as Rittenger states, as he had a male in the 1820 census 0-10 (b 1810-1820). As always, the elusive Alonzo and Jacob may be involved here.

Comment - Rittenger book page 107 John Shasteen, married on May 3, 1815 in Gallia County, Ohio, to Hannah Whitten (Their son James, Jr (born March 2, 1815, died December 29, 1887 at Napoleon, Henry County, Ohio) married Mary A. Stickler (born October 11, 1814, died December 29, 1896), moved to Henry County in 1826 {and died 1825/27?} (S-D-SH-12) Obituary and History of Northwest Ohio, Chp. 36, "Henry County" p. 462. (S-D-SH-12) Why John & Hannah name son James Jr. Emailed Martha.

History of Northwest Ohio by N. Winter, about Henry County, OH, "John Shasteen came with his parents in 1826 while the footprints of the savages were still wet in the sands. He became a man of great influence in the community during a long and useful life." Could this have been in reference to Jacob Shasteen?, or James?

Henry Co, As it turns out, James Shasteen settled in Pleasant Township between 1837 and 1844. He was the first Justice of the Peace in that township.

Franklin Shasteen records used for much of the birth, death, burial and parent info.

Will dated 6 Jan 1887: Will Papers Page 1 - Application for Letters of Administration - Lists children as James A Shasteen, Mary A. Stout, H [Harvey]. A. Shasteen son, Phebe Minsel , Frank C A Shasteen. Bond by Mary A. Shasteen [wife] and Henry Snyder signed by Frank Shasteen [Note a Henry Snider was living in 1850 household] Probate papers Page 2 Gives death as 29 Dec 1887 - Will dated 6 Jan 1887 - Page 3 - Page 4 - Page 5 - Page 6 - Page 7

(1) I did search through the Probate records and the only thing found was that guardianship for William A and George E. [RDS probably sons of William Shasteen (b 25 Oct 1829 d 1908- appears to be guardianship for sons from his first marriage, like their mother had some land or money?] There were no Shasteen or Chasteen estates for Elizabeth, James, Edmund, William, etc. - Yes, I would definitely check with Henry County on anything pre-1845. It is likely that they would have some land records that may explain the changes in ownership. Sheriff’s sale could very well be a possibility, but usually there is something that will denote that in the Abstract books (also known as a tract book or geographical indexing). I just did not have anything here to document an actual sale, so I am guessing on what happened. By the way, I saw Foreman Evans’ name a lot. I would guess he was some sort of land speculator or just wealthy. - Since that Patent Deed was filed later it throws things off. My thinking is that it was registered in 1915 because someone did a title search for a mortgage lender and came across the error. They then filed the information, so that title to the land could be certified that it was free and clear of all liens. - Strangely, I did not find a patent deed for William recorded. If you want copies of the abstract books (shows a chain of title), I can get those for you. I think there would be at least three to six pages, unless you want everything up to the present owners, then I am not sure how many pages would be involved. Let me know and I will figure out a cost for the copies on those. - Rhonda Casler Deputy Archivist Defiance County Record Center 5-13-2008

(2) I completed the 1 hour of land research and below is a list of what I found: - (1) There are Patent Deeds on the two 40 acre tracts of land in Adams Twp. for Edmund Shasteen, but they were not filed until 1915. There is no record of a sale of this land by Edmund, but the next transaction on this land is a Foreman Evans and wife selling it to Austin Houser on April 2, 1844; and for the other parcel of land there is a John Noffsinger and wife selling it to Austin Houser on May 29, 1844 (vol. 33, pg. 628). A copy of the Patent Deed is included. - (2) William Shasteen’s land in Richland Twp also did not have any sale by William recorded. The next transaction is a Foreman Evans and wife selling it to Benjamin Chambers on May 27, 1850 (vol. 2, pg. 406). - (3) Perhaps they lost the land in a foreclosure or just sold it without having the sale recorded. I just do not know. I could not find anything in the Recorder’s office to document exactly what happened with the Shasteen’s lands. I just know who the next owners were as listed above. - (4) Then I checked the Grantor/Grantee Book (vol. 1 from 1830s -1866) for the Shasteen surname. I wanted to see if they bought or sold land elsewhere, but all I found were documents for William [RDS prob Wiliam 1829-1908 son of Edmund 1787-1851 ] purchasing lands in the town of Independence from a George Thompson and also from the County Auditor in 1854 and in 1863, respectively. I also found a James M. Shasteen [RDS 1824-1898] purchasing lots in Independence from George Thompson in 1863. Copies of these deeds are included. - Sincerely, Rhonda Casler 5-13-08

Foreman Evans 24 Apr 1820 Wapakonetta purchase 40 A issue 8 Oct 1835 Section 15 Twp 4-n Range 5-E, Meridian 1st PM Co Deriance Foreman Evans 24 Apr 1820 Wapakonetta purchase 40 A issue 16 Mar 1837 Section 19 Twp 5-n Range 4-E, Meridian 1st PM Co Deriance 1830 Defiance township Williams Co. OH - Foreman Evans 1 20-30 females 1 < 5 1 5-10 1 10-15 1 20-30 1840 Hillsboro township Highland Co. OH (near Ross) - Foreman Evans 1 30-40 fwmales 2 15-20 1 30-40 1850 Hillsboro township Highland Co. OH - Foreman Evans 48 OH, Mary 48 OH, Tabitha Lea 14 OH, James W. Patterson 25 OH 1860 and 1870 Hillsboro township Highland Co. OH - Foreman Evans w/o wife 1850 Defiance township Defiance Co. OH - Margaret Evans 50 PA, Eli B 22 PA tailor , Charles 21 PA , Mary A 20 PA, Ann E 19 PA , Emeline R 17 PA , Margaret J 14 OH, Foreman 13 OH, Nelson 10 OH

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