Laabs family grandmother - 78.125% Irish; 2.344% Swiss; 0.781% German; 18.75% TBD
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On this day
Denisse Florine PayetteFebruary 28, 20138Death
Freda Adela DickFebruary 28, 199724Death
George H. (Hardy) ShasteenFebruary 28, 198041Death
William Edward WinksFebruary 28, 197447Death
Alma Florence SlagerFebruary 28, 196358Death
Della Mae SlagerFebruary 28, 196358Death
George AustinFebruary 28, 193487Birth
Lester Anthony MinnelliFebruary 28, 1903118Birth
Fama E. ColeFebruary 28, 1902119Birth
Leo LaForgeFebruary 28, 1897124Birth
Felicite LaForgeFebruary 28, 1892129Death
Clyde Dale ChasteenFebruary 28, 1883138Birth
James ShasteenFebruary 28, 1871150Death
Cephranus CasselmanFebruary 28, 1819202Death
Catharine Barbara SimonFebruary 28, 1770251Birth
Vivian UngerFebruary 29, 200813Death
Susannah KintnerFebruary 29, 1880141Death
Upcoming events
Daryll CarterMarch 200714Death
Mildred Marie WestMarch 200120Death
Lois V. March 198635Death
Gordon A. Shoebottom jr.March 198536Death
Max RosenbergMarch 198437Death
Ethel March 198338Death
Merrill BradleyMarch 197249Death
Delbert VanMarterMarch 196259Death
Lauren Thomas VanMarterMarch 1917104Death
Pierre MontpetitMarch 1911110Death
Samuel PresleyMarch 1906115Death
Elsie M. CacklerMarch 1900121Birth
Mary Rachel HillMarch 1898123Death
Nellie Louise ShasteenMarch 1895126Birth
Leo HumphreyMarch 1895126Birth
Claire R. CannMarch 1891130Birth
Eugenia M. LaForgeMarch 1891130Birth
Claudy A. Maddockabout March 1889132Birth
William Emmanuel ShasteenMarch 1888133Birth
Lillie ChasteenMarch 1881140Birth
Mabel SturgeonMarch 1878143Birth
Mary E. March 1869152Birth
Isabella SturgeonMarch 1860161Birth
Augusta Victoria FechtMarch 1860161Birth
George W. GladfelterMarch 1858163Birth
Mary Eleanor “Nellie” PhillipsMarch 1857164Birth
Emma FechtMarch 1856165Birth
Pency (Pensa) Thompsonbefore March 1855166Death
John M. SappMarch 1853168Birth
Katherine TeitelbaumMarch 1850171Birth
Israel JonesMarch 1846175Birth
Jacob SimonMarch 1845176Death
Michael LeahyMarch 1835186Birth
Ephraim PackardMarch 1820201Death
Polly CrowMarch 1818203Birth
Catherine St. Aubin dit CasseMarch 1805216Death
Catherine Campeauafter March 1761260Death
John Philip SimonMarch 1722299Birth
Maria Elizabeth SimonMarch 1719302Birth
Johann Nicholas Simon jr.March 1706315Birth
Johann Peter SimonMarch 1682339Birth
Anna Elisabetha SimonMarch 1675346Birth
Susan Jane ChesebroMarch 1, 197744Death
Lois Madonna HaraderMarch 1, 197447Death
Ilah Susan LaForgeMarch 1, 196358Death
Gean Ann ShasteenMarch 1, 192794Birth
Gean Ann ShasteenMarch 1, 192794Death
Mary Elizabeth ReynoldsMarch 1, 1918103Birth
Clara Belle CannMarch 1, 1915106Death
Clifton D. ShoupMarch 1, 1888133Birth
Luella FetterleyMarch 1, 1879142Birth
Sara Elizabeth ShasteenMarch 1, 1838183Death
Elizabeth CasselmanMarch 1, 1804217Birth
Elizabeth CacklerMarch 1, 1782239Birth
Jacob SchaubMarch 1, 1714307Birth
Johann Christoph SopherMarch 1, 1620401Birth
Kenneth W. Wise + Dorothy Marie DickMarch 1, 193685Marriage
Ichabod Meeker + Susan CoverMarch 1, 1836185Marriage
Infant ShasteenMarch 2, 1914107Birth
Infant ShasteenMarch 2, 1914107Death
Walter W. ShasteenMarch 2, 1912109Death
Charles Augustus RileyMarch 2, 1910111Birth
Ernest G. ShasteenMarch 2, 1902119Birth
Leslie Daniel RehklauMarch 2, 1886135Birth
Austin ShoupMarch 2, 1834187Birth
Jane B. “Jennie” TuttleMarch 2, 1831190Birth
James ShasteenMarch 2, 1815206Birth
Charles V. SchasteenMarch 3, 200417Death
Doris Roe BurnsMarch 3, 199823Death
Virgil Laverne HamlinMarch 3, 197249Death
Leo LaForgeMarch 3, 194873Death
Thomas HughesMarch 3, 192299Death
Grace Garnetta DickMarch 3, 1915106Birth
Infant ShasteenMarch 3, 1914107Burial
Kathleen Grace ComstockMarch 3, 1901120Birth
Glenroy ShoupMarch 3, 1875146Birth
Mary LeedellMarch 3, 1824197Death
Regina LaForgeMarch 3, 1823198Birth
Edward ShasteenMarch 3, 1817204Birth
Ludwig BauerMarch 3, 1795226Birth
Susannah LimbertMarch 3, 1782239Birth
Catherine SchmetzerMarch 3, 1713308Birth
James Young + Mary Ellen SturgeonMarch 3, 1855166Marriage
… … + Mary M. SturgeonMarch 3, 1855166Marriage
Dorothy Leona ConnersMarch 4, 199328Death
Virginia Ruth CusterMarch 4, 194378Birth
Elva Estella VanMarterMarch 4, 1912109Death
Cora M. HarmonMarch 4, 1871150Birth
Ellen ChapotonMarch 4, 1825196Birth
George SimonMarch 4, 1807214Birth
Angelina HeilerMarch 4, 1801220Birth
Roger LatoucheMarch 4, 1728293Death
Stephen M. Whitten + Mary J. LloydMarch 4, 1879142Marriage
John Joseph VejvodaMarch 5, 198932Death
Hugh RodhamMarch 5, 196556Death
Nathaniel JamesMarch 5, 192794Death
Andrew Jackson ShoupMarch 5, 1919102Death
Zella May SumerlinMarch 5, 1896125Birth
Eugene Albert MoweryMarch 5, 1883138Birth
Benton Shields WoodMarch 5, 1845176Birth
Elisabetha BauerMarch 5, 1743278Death
Jacques LaporteMarch 5, 1627394Baptism
John Mowery + Elizabeth ShoupMarch 5, 1840181Marriage
Martin Lloyd DutroMarch 6, 199130Death
Opal Eleaner ReynoldsMarch 6, 195665Death
Pleasant A. CacklerMarch 6, 193685Death
Doris May MitchellMarch 6, 192794Death
Ada F. McCannMarch 6, 1898123Birth
James Emerson “Bing” ShasteenMarch 7, 200516Death
Clyde Emerson TurnerMarch 7, 200021Death
Stace Marie NemanisMarch 7, 199031Birth
Bessie Mae “Betty” HartneyMarch 7, 198932Death
Genevieve HughesMarch 7, 197249Death
Mary GreenMarch 7, 195269Death
Michael LeahyMarch 7, 1915106Death
Anna Josephine LaForgeMarch 7, 1888133Birth
Albert Julius FechtMarch 7, 1886135Birth
Jennie Dora ShoupMarch 7, 1886135Death
Myrtle B. BatemanMarch 7, 1885136Birth
Elizabeth ShoupMarch 7, 1880141Death
Marie-Josephe MeunierMarch 7, 1821200Death
Johannes CasselmanMarch 7, 1790231Birth
Jacques LaporteMarch 7, 1748273Death
Mehitable AldenMarch 7, 1687334Birth
Edward Joseph Charron + Florence MarsackMarch 7, 193784Marriage
Robert Shasteen jr. + Pency (Pensa) ThompsonMarch 7, 1839182Marriage
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