Laabs family grandmother - 78.125% Irish; 2.344% Swiss; 0.781% German; 18.75% TBD
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On this day
Robert L. BurnsSeptember 26, 198733Death
Albert FechtSeptember 26, 195070Death
Israel JonesSeptember 26, 192199Death
Edward ShasteenSeptember 26, 1919101Death
Fern Elizabeth StrubleSeptember 26, 1894126Birth
Samuel Edward MaddockSeptember 26, 1886134Birth
Leonora GladfelterSeptember 26, 1862158Birth
Sarah Louisa VanMarterSeptember 26, 1857163Birth
Ellen L. SturtevantSeptember 26, 1848172Birth
Mary ShoupSeptember 26, 1817203Birth
Maria Victoria MahlSeptember 26, 1802218Death
Robert Sussmann + Emma L. WitteSeptember 26, 1896124Marriage
William Councilman + Cecelia “Celia” A. ShasteenSeptember 26, 1872148Marriage
Francoise Pelletier + Marguerite-Madeline MorisseauSeptember 26, 1661359Marriage
Upcoming events
Renee CharronSeptember 27, 200416Death
Daniel William SturdevantSeptember 27, 195565Birth
Nora AdelespergerSeptember 27, 194377Death
Dora C. CacklerSeptember 27, 192496Death
Melvin Edward ShasteenSeptember 27, 1884136Birth
Loren WhitehouseSeptember 27, 1881139Birth
Peter ShasteenSeptember 27, 1863157Death
Martin CrowSeptember 27, 1837183Death
Margaret CoddSeptember 27, 1826194Death
Nicholas JacquesSeptember 27, 1691329Birth
Frederick Richard WielenbeckSeptember 28, 197050Death
Clara Jane WoodSeptember 28, 195070Death
Maude Pearl MeekerSeptember 28, 193486Death
Albert Wesley ChapmanSeptember 28, 1915105Birth
Edward BeaverSeptember 28, 1909111Death
Ella Mae ChapmanSeptember 28, 1866154Birth
Margarethe SalzgeberSeptember 28, 1830190Death
Christian CacklerSeptember 28, 1830190Death
Michael Yax BefSeptember 28, 1804216Birth
Christian HormannSeptember 28, 1740280Death
Jean Baptiste BelandSeptember 28, 1684336Birth
Sarah Elizabeth ShasteenSeptember 29, 198436Death
Lida Marie GrimesSeptember 29, 197149Death
Floyd B. YatesSeptember 29, 196159Death
Gerald Jerome LohrstorferSeptember 29, 195268Birth
Roy Brandon WallsSeptember 29, 1884136Birth
Michael J. BeaverSeptember 29, 1794226Birth
Marie-Louise GauthierSeptember 29, 1678342Birth
Sebastien Hodiau dit LaFleche + Marie-Urbaine MeunierSeptember 29, 1695325Marriage
Minnie May PriceSeptember 30, 196357Death
Raymond Clellen BradleySeptember 30, 194476Death
Rosa W. September 30, 193486Death
Lois Mildred McCombSeptember 30, 193189Birth
Evelyn “Wawa” Jeannette ShasteenSeptember 30, 1908112Birth
Daniel L. MowerySeptember 30, 1890130Birth
Raymond Clellen BradleySeptember 30, 1886134Birth
Minnie CannSeptember 30, 1881139Death
Elisabeth GodfroySeptember 30, 1728292Birth
Anne Antoinette DeliercourtSeptember 30, 1707313Death
Engletje VanMaterSeptember 30, 1696324Birth
Sylvester Lyner VanMarter + Margaretha M. EllermanSeptember 30, 1911109Marriage
Lewis C. Shasteen + Juliette B. BowdleSeptember 30, 1866154Marriage
Helen Lyall PackardOctober 198634Death
Ida Olive FryOctober 198139Death
Abraham Lincoln SchasteenOctober 196357Death
John Wesley VanMarterOctober 193981Death
Arthur MaddockOctober 1895125Birth
Nellie M Maddockabout October 1893127Birth
Roxana ColeOctober 1881139Birth
Alonso WeaverOctober 1881139Birth
Wallace R. StineOctober 1877143Birth
Ernest U. ShoupOctober 1872148Birth
Eva May CasselmanOctober 1866154Birth
Cora Ellen “Ella” SarnesOctober 1865155Birth
Ernest A. WiswellOctober 1862158Birth
Lucy L. McNuttOctober 1857163Birth
Mary CollinsOctober 1852168Birth
Nancy MinselOctober 1847173Birth
Charles Jean-Baptiste ChapotonOctober 1837183Death
Sylvester HendricksOctober 1827193Birth
Johann Niclass SimonOctober 1682338Birth
Joris Janszen Rapaljebefore October 1677343Death
Dorothy BennettOctober 1, 200812Death
Murrell Esadore DickOctober 1, 198832Death
Robert Emil “Bob” SussmanOctober 1, 198337Death
William Herbert GallingerOctober 1, 197842Death
Gerald Olin ShasteenOctober 1, 192496Birth
Johann Jacob SlagerOctober 1, 1914106Death
Herman L. VanMarterOctober 1, 1881139Birth
Henry Lawrence VanMarterOctober 1, 1879141Birth
Sarah PryorOctober 1, 1862158Death
Marie GareauOctober 1, 1730290Death
Joseph Sturgeon + Mary C. CannonOctober 1864156Marriage
Robert Pare + Francoise LehouxOctober 1653367Marriage
Dale M. DickOctober 2, 192199Birth
Lawrence Slager BowenOctober 2, 1892128Birth
Matthew Ernest ShoupOctober 2, 1872148Birth
Clara C. Shasteencalculated October 2, 1863157Birth
Daniel Frederick SprengerOctober 2, 1695325Birth
Elizabeth PritchardOctober 2, 1691329Death
Carl Friedrich Sopher + Cordula HaerlinOctober 2, 1583437Marriage
Esther E. ShasteenOctober 3, 199327Death
Edwin George Laabs IIOctober 3, 192694Birth
Viola ShoupOctober 3, 1880140Birth
Martha E. CacklerOctober 3, 1877143Birth
Mary Elizabeth LinsonOctober 3, 1850170Birth
Jacob CacklerOctober 3, 1828192Birth
Sophia Elizabeth WildOctober 3, 1755265Death
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