Laabs family grandmother - 78.125% Irish; 2.344% Swiss; 0.781% German; 18.75% TBD
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On this day
Gerald Olin ShasteenJuly 12, 199921Death
Willis CacklerJuly 12, 193090Death
Viola WoodsJuly 12, 1908112Birth
William L. ClarahanJuly 12, 1893127Birth
Delanah CacklerJuly 12, 1834186Birth
Karl Friederich FechtJuly 12, 1764256Birth
Upcoming events
James William “William or Willie” ShasteenJuly 13, 197446Death
Elizabeth Martha SlagerJuly 13, 196258Death
Robert Lee ShasteenJuly 13, 193783Birth
Betty Jean ShasteenJuly 13, 193783Birth
Betty Lou ShasteenJuly 13, 193783Birth
Jo Ann FindingJuly 13, 193783Birth
Ruth LilleyJuly 13, 193684Death
Annie L. CoxJuly 13, 1853167Birth
Talitha Minearcalculated July 13, 1846174Birth
Henri-Nicolas CatinJuly 13, 1720300Death
Jackson Shasteen + Sarah CoverJuly 13, 1851169Marriage
Richard Dwight CacklerJuly 14, 200911Death
Clara M. MearsJuly 14, 198931Death
Myrtle Lucille DickJuly 14, 198535Death
Ora Alice WoodJuly 14, 194575Death
Carole Mae ShephardJuly 14, 192595Birth
Theadora Alma ShasteenJuly 14, 1912108Birth
Mary Etta ShasteenJuly 14, 1887133Birth
Elizabeth SimonJuly 14, 1802218Birth
Rebecca Ann SimonJuly 14, 1802218Birth
John E. Minsel + Phoebe Harriet ShasteenJuly 14, 1872148Marriage
Marilyn Lou WittmanJuly 15, 200020Death
Florence E. “Lita” KohlerJuly 15, 198436Death
John Henry ChesebroJuly 15, 197644Death
Freda GainesJuly 15, 195466Death
Sarah “Sally” SaxtonJuly 15, 1889131Death
Zellah ShoupJuly 15, 1876144Birth
Marie-Madeleine BourgeryJuly 15, 1704316Death
Urbaine Hodiau dit LaFlecheJuly 15, 1681339Death
Madeline EagenJuly 16, 20119Death
Jean M. CannJuly 16, 200317Death
Amanda May CacklerJuly 16, 196555Death
Betty Lou ShasteenJuly 16, 193783Death
Sadonna M. DuerkJuly 16, 1920100Birth
Lucetta LilleyJuly 16, 1902118Death
Uriah Henry ShoupJuly 16, 1873147Death
Catherine DequindreJuly 16, 1820200Birth
Susannah CrowJuly 16, 1817203Birth
Johann Phillip HeilerJuly 16, 1766254Birth
Pierre Lefbvre-DescoteauxJuly 16, 1688332Death
Engletje PietersenJuly 16, 1646374Birth
Cordula HaerlinJuly 16, 1625395Death
Jean-Baptiste Chapoton + Marie-Magdeleine EsteveJuly 16, 1720300Marriage
Mathurin Gauthier + Anne GiraudJuly 16, 1669351Marriage
Elva M. VanMarterJuly 17, 1889131Birth
Pauline WebberJuly 17, 1886134Birth
Elizabeth Minearcalculated July 17, 1844176Birth
Max Johann Heinrich SprengerJuly 17, 1732288Birth
Albert Joseph GatesJuly 18, 199822Death
Mark Edwards LaabsJuly 18, 199327Death
Glenn Charles CarterJuly 18, 196654Death
Grace G. MillerJuly 18, 196060Death
Uriah ShasteenJuly 18, 193288Death
Leonard Thomas BennettJuly 18, 1918102Birth
Wilbert Sherman BeaverJuly 18, 1898122Birth
Lawrence Vernon EasleyJuly 18, 1889131Birth
Pierre Crevet + Marie LeMercierJuly 18, 1613407Marriage
Donald Martin PayetteJuly 19, 192496Birth
Anna Matilda (or Melinda) SoudersJuly 19, 1866154Birth
Johann Phillip HeilerJuly 19, 1766254Death
Louise Mary BeaudryJuly 19, 1766254Burial
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