The Sussman-Laabs Family Tree

Tree Homepage

How to Navigate the Tree Homepage

When you go to this page, this is the mainpage:

There are several sections:

1. Top Row

2. Second Row

3. Favorites Section

These are quick links to our grandparents, for fast access to any family line. Click on a name to jump to the person’s page.
Note: Wherever you are, clicking on a person’s name opens the person’s page.

4. "Sussman-Laabs" Section

5. Slide Show Section

This randomly cycles thorugh the thousands of pictures in the database. This is purely for your amusement.

6. "On this day" & "Upcoming events" Sections

Again, this is for your amusement. Shows events for which today is the anniversary. Also, upcoming anniversaries in next week or two.

At the bottom of the page and every page, you can click on my name to contact me.