The Sussman-Laabs Family Tree

Site Homepage

How to Navigate the Site Homepage

When you go to this website, this is the homepage:

There are three sections on this homepage:

1. Launch site for the family tree

There are two buttons:

  1. Enter the Tree - Click on this button to get redirected to the TREE Homepage.
  2. Website Instructions - Click on this button for instructions on navigating this website.
    (I assume you know this one, as you've found your way to this instruction.)

2. Family Stories

Click on any of the four icons and you will be redirected to the related family story page (sample shown below). The family story page tells bits and pieces of various persons, as best I know them. The persons chosen are those with some kind of interesting information.

All persons mentioned are hyperlinked to their page (as you can see in the sample below); click on the name and the person’s page will open. Places and other information may also be hyperlinked.

3. About Us

There are two buttons:

  1. About this family tree - Click on this button if you want to read the obligatory "About the website" info.
  2. Contact me - Click on this button to send me an e-mail. My name is Jon Sussman.