The Sussman-Laabs Family Tree

Viewing & Saving Pictures

How to View & Save Pictures

This is the most difficult operation of the website. But you can do this! Once you learn, it will be easy.

A picture is anything found in the Media or Album tabs, as well as the picture at the top of a person's page. Pictures are either picture files (JPG, GIF, PNG) or PDF files. They can be photos of the person, photos of something related to them, newspaper articles, documents (birth/marriage/death certificates), etc.

Let's look at the examples in the Album tab of William James Leddy:

1. Viewing Pictures

The pictures you see are thumbnails: tiny versions of the real picture. To see the actual picture, click on the thumbnail.

In our example above, we will click on the first picture: a photo of William and James Leddy. After clicking on the thumbnail, this window pops up:

You can zoom in on the picture in the window frame to see close-up features. And, once zoomed, you can drag the picture around inside the window frame to see what you want.

In our example above, we can zoom in on the faces of William and James:

NOTE: Close the picture window by clicking on the X in the lower right corner of the window frame.

The above instructions work for any picture, regardless of whether its a photograph or a document or whatever. For example, the second picture in James Leddy's Album is a newspaper clipping. If we click on it, we see the clipping - its an obituary:

Sometimes a thumbnail image won't render; in these cases, you'll see an icon representing a picture in the Media or Album tabs. Here's an example: (bottom item, called Bob and Sue Sussman.jpg)

It still works the same way as a thumbnail; click on it and it opens. If I click on the Bob and Sue Sussman.jpg picture icon above, it opens up this photo:

2. Saving Pictures

Perhaps you want to download and save a picture from this website. You cannot just right-click and choose Save Image, unfortunately. But the required method is almost as simple.

(a) With your cursor over the thumbnail image, right-click to see this menu:

(b) Choose Open link in new tab, as shown above.
On a smartphone, press and hold the thumbnail image. When the menu pops up, choose "Open in New tab" or similar words.

In our example, a new browser tab opens with the full size picture:

This is the original picture file stored to your browser.

(c) Now you can save it the usual way: right-click on this full size picture and choose Save image as. Here is our example:

Then your computer file manager will pop up and you can save it the usual way you know.
On a smartphone, after you opened in a new tab above, you then had the original file opened and you save it the usual way, by pressing & holding on the full picture until the pop-up menu appears. Then choose "Add to photos" or similar words.

3. PDF Files

There are few PDF files saved to this website, but they operate differently than picture files. Fortunately, they're easier.

They do not have thumbnails; they only have PDF icons (see example in section 1 above: Robert Sussman Death Cert.pdf). Click on a PDF file icon and it will open in a new browser tab, automatically. Your browser will then offer you a choice to download the PDF file to your PC. Its the same on a smartphone.

And that's all there is to pictures.