The Sussman-Laabs Family Tree

Searching on Persons

How to Search for a Person from the Tree Homepage

As reviewed in instruction #1, we start at the Tree Homepage. Among the six icons near the top is one called Search. Actually, these six icons are found on every page, not only the homepage.

1. Click on the Search icon. A drop-down menu will appear; click on General search, as shown here:

This will open the General search page, as shown here:

2. Put your cursor in the Search for box and type in the name you want to search. (A partial name is ok.) See example here - I'm searching for Marge Sussman:

3. Then, click on the search button.

Several names will appear - whatever is associated with the name in the search. In this example, searching on Marge Sussman results in two hits, as shown here:

4. Among the names listed, identify which one you want and click on that name.
In the example above, I'm looking for Marge Sussman, so I probably want Marjorie Edith Sussman. When I click on her name, I am redirected to her page:

The Search icon is near the top of every page, so you can always search by name.