The Sussman-Laabs Family Tree

The Person Page

How to Navigate the Person Page

After you click on a person's name, you will be redirected to that person's page. Here is a sample:

As I've said elesewhere, this is where all the juicy information in that you're looking for. Let's breakdown this page into its sections.

1. The Name section

2. The Family Navigator Section

This section on the right shows immediate family members: Parents, siblings, spouses and children.

As ususal, every name is linked to the person's page; click on a name and you will be redirected to that person's page.

In Marge's case, we see the family she had with her parents, Robert and Bessie, including her younger brother Robert. Below that, we see the family she had with her husband, John, including her children Sandra and John jr. We can click on any of these names to jump to their pages. For example, if we click on Marge's mother, Bessie Ruth Jones, we go to Bessie's page - now we can see details on Marge's mother Bessie, as well as the names of Marge's grandparents and aunts:

And so forth. Click on names to move through families, person by person.

3. The Information Section

This is where you find all the facts, pictures, documents, stories, etc. Its the main part of the person's page.
There are seven tabs to choose from: Facts and events, Families, Notes, Media, Album, Interactive tree, and Google Maps. We'll explore these one by one.


This tab shows basic event data: when/where born, when/where married & to whom, when/where died.
For example, we see that Marge married John Whitehouse on April 29, 1939 in Dekalb, IN. As she was born in Toledo OH, it seems the wedding was maybe in husband John Whitehouse's locale.


This tab is just a slighly more elaborate version of the the Family Navigator section described above.


This tab shows written information I have: stories, online obituaries, any random facts available.
Here we see a bit about where Marge lived. Its not much - some persons have a lot of interesting information found in this NOTES section.


This tab shows pictures that I have. Pictures can be personal photographs, documents, newspaper clippings, etc. The photo file names shown here describe the photos. Some pictures have added notes describing picture details. The pictures shown are thumbnails; click on them to see the large photo.

The first of Marge's pictures above is a photo of her and her parents, then the portrait photo we saw above, then more pictures. This snip shows 3 photos; but scrolling down, there are a total of 5 photos and one newspaper clipping about her.


This tab shows all the same pictures as the MEDIA tab above, but without any notes or details. Click on any of the thumbnail photos and the full size photo can be seen.


This is very cool: it shows the family tree surrounding the person and extending back in time (ancestors) and forward in time (descendents). Use the cursor while holding down the left mouse button to drag the tree around to see what you want to see: back & forth, up & down. For example, if we drag Marge's tree to the left, we can see more of her ancestors on the right, going back to the 1790's:

We can continue dragging the tree to the left to go back even further in time to the 1600's:

If we keep dragging to the left, we can trace some of Marge's lineage back to 1500 Alsace, France.
Of course, we can click on any name in this Interactive Tree to jump to that person's page.
Also, please notice the first Tree picture above: you can see several of Marge's descendants are private - this is how living persons are shown. Clicking on them gets you nowhere.


Sorry, I don't use this.

This is everything on the Person Page. Knowing how to navigate this page is 90% of what you need to play around on this website.