The George Washington Van Marter clan About this Tree

Welcome to our family tree. I've worked on this for a few years and I want to share the information with our family, as well as other interested folks. The easiest way to share is by the internet and so this site.

H/T: My nephew Brian (the power behind Sussman family research), Linda VanOrden (Weilenbeck family research), Chuck Gibson (RIP+ Van Marter family research), Nick Benkart (Fecht family research), the folks who made Webtrees software, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (I'm not a believer, but they have made amazing genealogy tools availble to the public for free).

As I continue to find new information, I will add it to this site. If you have any family information you'd like to share, please e-mail me by clicking on my name, found at the bottom of every page.

I hope you enjoy exploring this tree. Its fun seeing where you're from. If you're on the Sussman/Leddy side, well, we're fairly ordinary with a few interesting stories. If you're from the Laabs/Van Marter side, then you have some seriously interesting ancestors - you're related to Judy Garland, Hillary Rodham Clinton, King St. Louis IX and more!

This site is devoted to the genealogy of the following families:

The Sussmans of Toledo, OH - This includes Jones, Fecht, Weilenbeck, Wurth and Mahl.
The predominant lineage is from Germany and possibly Wales.

The Leddys of Toledo, OH - This includes Hartney, Shasteen, Shoup, Cackler, Stahl, Simon, Diehl and Cover.
The predominant lineages are from Ireland and Germany.

The Laabs of Detroit, MI - This includes Fitzpatrick, James, Casselman and Granville.
The predominant lineages are from Germany and Ireland (through Canada).

The Van Marters of Port Huron, MI - This includes LaForge, Eagen, Martin, Chapoton, Campeau, and Peillitier.
The predominant lineages are from Holland, Ireland and France (through Canada).

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